Friday, October 28, 2005

Itch Scratched

For the moment.
Phx sucks as far as urban bike culture goes. Maybe it's there and not finding me.
I doubt it.
Part of it is my fault but I've been on one - yes -one bars on bikes since we moved here over two years ago and now one happy hour BOB. WTF is that?
Gawdamn car culture.

and WTF, two liberalish and one staunchish repub? A full dbl squishy Intense, a leMonde and my sirrus.
Don't get me wrong - not a complaint.

Just wondering where the ghetto ss, bar hoppin, titty bar hittin tour is?

Oh wait, we did that last time.
I guess we're on a roll.
We just need to roll more.
roger wilco 10-4 over and out


Gordo said...

your life sounds depressing. BOB rides are my speciality - let me know, as I am most always game.

Yuri said...

bring singles -no wait - bring 20$!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is a comment to one old-ass posting of yours, but yeah, PHX sucks for BOB nights, etc. Failed attempts at CM and what not.

Too bad I didn't find this blog until now...

Anyway, I plan on showing up for the April 1st ride as posted on