Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sweat beads on your inner needs

Well the ride did not go as planned. I DNF’d at about mile 80 near Peppersauce Cave. I started having trouble at mile 60 but I didn’t want to call it yet. Disappointed? A little. I still had an awesome time. It was a very surreal ride.

  • Starting in the dark with 100 of your closest friends
  • Watching the sun come up over San Manuel Valley
  • Seeing some dude gnawing a huge summer sausage at aid station #2 and asking if anyone wanted some horse cock
  • Another dude lamenting that he looked over to see said horse cock
  • The cops taking down some guy at El Conquistador at 2am (I was leaving for the race)
  • The camaraderie on the trail, when folks were stopped everyone was making sure all was well. I donated some co2 to an SSer on his 3rd flat (poor bastard).

Cooper started having trouble that was compounded by duralier problems and I think he called it a few miles after aid station #4. I saw him in the sag van as they passed and asked me if I needed anything. I was too loopy to realize what I needed at that point but I managed to accept a bottle of really cold water which was nice. Still a helluva good day on the bike. My mom was in town to visit and enabled us to stay in the lap of luxury and help entertain Tate. The three of them were at the finish when I got there. They all wanted to chat about the race and I just wanted to crawl into a hole for a bit so I sent them back to the hotel while I tried to take stock – it didn’t work. I almost left without loading my bike and then I almost left without my front tire and almost ran it over. Yea I was tired and I’m still trying to take stock.

El Conquistador was nice and I slunk back there after the race for a shower and a trip to Pizzria Uno’s that I barely remember. In the morning I woke up to a painful sunburn and a hot stone massage at the resort – good stuff – at least what I remember

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