Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the lights are off and no one is home

i've been neglecting my (ghetto) SS but with the single swizzle agua caliente ride on the horizon it's time to switch steeds. i went out to the preserves tonight and got all the way there before I realized I forgot my damn light. dumbass.
there was still some light so I figured i'd just ride untl it got dark and pick my way back. lucky for me it worked. tomorrow night i bring lights. and maybe my brain.

I was leaning towards a poker ride as a local unsanctioned event (and that will likely be the most logical beginning) but another idea creeped up on me today. hell, i've never been very logical.

now this is a road trip

Sunday, November 27, 2005

squeal like a pig

10th anniv. congrats Jim.
another great ride. Thanks.
My kinda day. 70 miles with friends on bikes. Then beer.
Cool new headbadge from Hoss (now I gotta powder coat the Kona)
random shit:
Becky was the 1st girl to do it SS
Hair like sampson - looks like delila
thanks to the safway boyz from tucson
Mark and I watching some guy stack on the catwalk.
1st broken bone.
rudy (and a flagger) on fixies
just a good all around awesome time.
sure felt easier this year.

Give the shrub a brain

Imagine the American big businesses making the CEOs accountable and giving appropriate consequences instead of sacrificing the little guys and rewarding the the turkeys on top....

at the $1000-a-Plate Fundraiser for Sen. Kyl (the vile) Monday, November
24th Street and Camelback in Phoenix
4 pm -- 6:30 pm
4:00 pm Rally 24th and Camelback
5:00 pm March to Kyl's Office and the Biltmore 6:00 pm
Candlelight Vigil
Whether it's the criminal war on Iraq, rape of the environment,
corporate tax breaks, attacks on senior citizens, or torture, Senator
Jon Kyl has been a willing accomplice of the Bush administration and
corporate greed.
This is YOUR chance to Stand Up and Speak Out while the President is in
For more information go to call (480) 894-2024 or e-mail

Monday, November 21, 2005

no shit

i love this ride. it kicked my ass today.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

a farce to be reckoned with

it's official - we have doubled in numbers. exponential mofo. good times. we rolled down to cooperstown for some grub. then off to rose mccaffreys. chesnous had a cover so off to hidden lounge and then george and dragon for trivia. jeezus. good times. my brain hurts.

YAAAY Fun drawer(s)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

i hate puking

nasty sour taste. the smell. dry mouth. sore abs. promises of never drinking again.
i can only imagine how fun it is for a 3 year old. but the little man did me proud.
I had no idea he could puke so much. he is a natural born puke-a-sarus.
poor kid. got all my talents.
week and a half until the flight of the pigs. i'm not recognizing most of the names of the registed other than the usual supects and mr. nadler. i'm dying to see him ride his fixie on national.
cooper has pledged to come - another partner in crime. i had an awesome time at last years ride. rex - i'll have a frosty one for ya at the end.
nothing like a unsanctioned event.
like this one being swizzled in tucson. i'm gonna need to take the pedals off the fixie and put them back on the ss after happy hour tomorrow. my name is yuri and i've been neglecting my ss mtb....
in fact the agua caliente has me thinking again about the need for another unsanctioned event in the valley. beuler? beuler?

Aw shit, they're at it again
Pray for Bush - no really
Last of free(ish) speech or as some surly bastard said "It's only free press when you own one"

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what to do with 226 hours

vacation hours that is.
I was thinking I would ride my bike from Mexico to Utah on the Arizona Trail.
Sound like fun? Hell yea it does.
This has been in the hopper for some time now and the window is roughly 5 months from now.
I got the idea from Scott Morris and Lee Blackwell ( strangely enough I met Lee doing my first endurance ride (Tubac 50) some 8 years ago and as training we did the copper creek ride which is a staple of the soul ride 100. small world. they did a warriror version of the AZT.
i found myself getting ancy again after Scott posted about racing the AZT on the route establised by Andrea Lankford and Beth Overton
I'm copying most aspects of Scott and Lee's ultralight methods. Bivy and and a bag. cold food. ect.
i guess what I'm trying to say is that work sucks ass right now and I'm taking a mental vacation to my ride until I can physicallly do so.....
ride your bike

Thu - bikes and brew happy hour. yaay

serious bike skillz
Finally, a sticker to prevent the elf from setting my h2 on fire
JC's girls

Sunday, November 13, 2005

this mountain can kick yer ass

went to somo for a little pre-flight reconissance and pack testing. parked at pima and rode mormon to national to the endish (road) and then back up the road to buena vista and back down to pima canyon. 5 hours and 25 miles. the 2nd half of national is way under the radar. silence was golden. tho lots of cholla, people are gonna get flats at the flight. I took 200 ozs of water and the Osprey Atmos 50 accomodated nicely.

yea so i got a thing with serpia lately. got a problem with that?
makes me feel like i'm in one of those cheezy western shots you can get at old tucson.

arnold's hood

Saturday, November 12, 2005

the sound of freedom

growing up in central tucson the sound of jets (and distant trains) was a constant. since moving to the PHX that sound has changed to screeching tires, helicoptors (police, news, meat wagon), and landing jets. i never gave much thought to the absence until we were buzzed by a few stealths on our hike today.
the munchkin did good.
fun was had.
happy Veteran's Day.

seems like an oxymoron.
just say no to war.

Late breaking news:

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

Could the GOP ass whoppin have reached across the pond?

US Dollar slips