Sunday, January 29, 2006


finally got back on a bike today. second time since the azt ride a couple of weeks ago.
i was slow. but i was happy. new drive train to break-in. new route to the yard house to map. at least to reach 11. that should be a good ride. looks like a 45 miler round trip from home. earn them beers i say.

it hasn't rained in over 100 days.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


strepto that is
gawdamn that fuggin horse bucked me off again
soon as i got over one cold i get strep
3 year old and a wife that teaches it's a wonder
i don't get sick more often
sucks - i wanna ride
fixie has a solid rear axle
commuter has a new dt
hawt damn

and more parts for the new kona
and where the fuck are my spokes?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

back in the saddle

did i mention i like to ride bikes?
sick, broken commuter, broken fixie
been a week
you'd never know i like it
but ah!
tonight was goooood
i think i actually rode a new segment
maybe just long forgotten
did i mention i like to ride bikes?
i love to ride bikes

Monday, January 23, 2006

if you build it they will come

too sick for the single swizzle ss ride and 40 hands
hope it was as fun as it sounded.
decided to go to tucson anyways with the fam
saw friends
ate food
destroyed back using pick.
it'll be worth it
bug springs when done
will create
catalina mtns top to bottom ride
on trail
sick long
ALL day.
best in the west
didn't know louis and scott were
going to be there. had good talk of epics past and future.
good showing by non-tucson peeps
speaks to the epic nature of this one
that or trying to build karma.
ah, you get the picture
here are some real ones

Thursday, January 19, 2006

keep them doggies rollin

the parts keep rollin in.
just need the spokes
maybe some spacers
an ss chain

gonna be one damn purty bike.

Annnnnd in other news:

Dear Senator McCain:
I am disappointed to hear you will vote to confirm Alito. Alito's record demonstrates his views are against the majority of Americans. A new study by the Alliance for Justice makes the case even more emphatically: In so-called split decisions--the most difficult cases, which divided the appeals court--"Alito has frequently gone to the right of even his Republican-appointed colleagues to find against individuals claiming that government officials or corporations violated the law." He has argued strenuously in favor of the strip search of a 10-year-old girl not accused of criminal wrongdoing; supported warrantless surveillance of a criminal suspect when other courts had disallowed the practice; and tried to strip his fellow judges of the power to grant habeas corpus rights to undocumented immigrants, a position pointedly repudiated by the Supreme Court.
The American people are not ready for a nominee so profoundly committed to intrusive government, whether that means right-to-lifers intruding on sexual privacy, religious fanatics intruding in the science classroom or the NSA intruding on phone calls without a warrant. Far from being a mainstream conservative, Judge Alito represents a malignant future; his entire biography suggests he will swing the Supreme Court toward a right-wing authoritarianism that's out of step with the public and the Constitution.
Alito is wrong for America.

Monday, January 16, 2006

like whoa

AZT part deux this weekend.
Me and the treehugger hit the trail starting at the tiger mine trailhead near oracle. plan was to ride to the gila but a late start and an ass kicking by the first section put that plan to rest. we ended up ditching the trail the last few miles for a dirt road cuz the sun went down. so we rode the road in the dark. we were both fried and wanted to get to the water we cached. my faith in humaity was reestablished when the first vehicle we saw slowed enough to say "yer gonna git runed over". the next few cars didn't even slow.
we could have filled up at one of the two windmills we passed but it was just one of those things. needed to get there. that section will kick your ass. we missed hitting the purty trail section but we're already plotting our return. we rode willow springs back to the real road and hauled ass thanks to a wind we battled all day. it hooked us up in the end. 60+ miles and 5K+ climbing doesn't really convey how hard this section was. good stuff. i love the azt.

That fucking pipeline road......ow

and those damn washes

a job well done