Thursday, August 24, 2006

this is me now

day1 (percocet haze)

day 3 (more percocet haze)

no riding bikes for at least 3 weeks and prob longer.
i did get the ok for stationary bikes so i joined a gym
fer da spin classes (and the hawt chicas to ogle)

More pics:
Before humorous bone scraping (that's not code)

after screws inserted into humourous

after tissue sutured to screws

week and a half later

i wish the inside was as good to go as the outside.

could be worse. i could be big jonny.
or steve.
at least i get to go to work.

the wife ambushed me uhhhh, pre-attempted nap.

today, 9/3 i went outside

i did have to drive with one hand.
and i decided this will be a run-on post until i can ride a bike again.
saw two huge herons

the monsoon storm last night was nice

three weeks+

the cask ipa was unreal.
they wouldn't even sell me a growler of it.
so i settled for regular ipa.

so there is this group i lurk on.
i joined to get ideas for my azt trip.
and adventure cycling and matt lee
did a nice ride illustrating these principles.
pretty cool. lots of cool adventure loving folks on the list.
got me jones'n fer a ride...

this is just getting old. seriously.
i gave the sling the heave ho today.
i'm done with that bizzle. cept for spin class.
i need all the handicap i can get for that izzle.
doc tomorrow. i'm holding hope for road bikeage.
i'd go sit up on one of my bikes if i could get them off the damn wall....

later on 9/12..
sh!t just got the a ok for a crossbike
from the wife when the doc OKs riding.
i'm paying the doc off tomorrow....
finally got around to uploading michael c.
at the last granite basin campout.
good times.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last Hurah

i gotta go into the shop tomorrow for some work.
so last weekend seemed like a good opportunity to hit
flagstaff for the last time this summer.
two sweet rides in the pines.

peace out