Sunday, January 28, 2007

los borrachos

life is art
art is life

weird dude out for a walk on the 101
course he probably thought the same thing
about us

flask gordan strikes

demo'd this sweet machine today

nice folks those yeti people

damn i want one

Saturday, January 27, 2007


found out about this one from mackey
and it originally posted at the bummer life

sweet. i welcome anything that builds the
bike culture in this valley. i've thought about
doing an alley cat but it would just be the
usual suspects and we kinda do that already.
speaking of which....
we are starting the dirt crits next week.
the test run last night went swimmingly.
but my liver seems to have recovered.

dejay's ditty down in t-town

and of course

and then the azt in april.
things is shaping up.

Monday, January 22, 2007

canal century

we've long wanted to explore the
east side of the valley.
gary had done some reconnaissance
and offered me and flask gordon burritos
after we rode the 20 miles to his house at 6am.
it was cold and foggy as i left my house.
we got to gary's quickly and then made our way
to red mountain. then it was down south to asu east
and lunch.
then is was back to tempe and ultimately phoenix.

granite reef dam

managed to hit a little trail out at hawes

mesa is weird





escaped lovebirds

old army barracks


"why didn't you step away from the tracks"

gary is almost home

papago park

almost home

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the girl next door

we are blessed with mountains in the middle
of our urban area. everyone knows and loves south mtn.
it's cousin to the north is largely reviled. trail 100 is said with contempt.
but really it's great. taken for granted no doubt.
on tue nite i rode up shaw butte.
this morning i did a cold weather jaunt on the east side.
lotta horses out but you can generally expect them
to be some of the friendliest folks,
if you exercise some manners yourself.