Friday, June 29, 2007


it was 90 when i rode to work.
109 when i left.
good times.



happy hour

i hate flying rats but damn

trail good


this duck didn't like spicy corn nuts

we thought it was a good idea to go by the
hells angel's clubhouse the state shutdown.

and then off to downtown

joe arapio sux - cool door tho

finished up at sonora

off to flag this weekend

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a ride

took the new incarnation of the volpe out today for a short ride. kick ass, i love it.
the knee felt better at the end of the ride than it did at the beginning.
acupuncture, new physical therapy stuffs, weird herbal pills, msm w/chondrotin and glucoasmine, gonna line up some stretching therapy. something has to work, or something has to give but giving up riding for a few weeks was not fun. just ask the family. so all the above and no HUGE rides and things should improve.

i spent the time refining my idea fer the race.
race? yes, race.
those of us over at allbikes have been kicking around ideas and i think i have a
kick ass route. prologue from mi casa to a certain mtn range 4 miles north and
other things to wrap-up 100ish miles of single track, canal ,dbl track and minimal road for a
killa day on the bike. sometime this winter.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

roller derby

went to go see the
arizona derby dames.
awesome time for sure. from the nick names
(hiedi salami) to the chick next to us screaming
"fuk her from behind" and sure enough
on one of the take downs the blocker
had her way with her beyotch.
then there was the wedgie.
good times.

the gals had a good time

it was on like flan

i was motivated...

chuck was our favorite

changed up the crosser

i'm thinking a small ride is in order for tomorrow.

new yoga pose?

Monday, June 18, 2007

cabin fever

castle hot springs

i knew we blew the turn to crown king road

it is a resort

munchkin got bored so back to the casa

the great divide race is in full swing

i wonder how the kmc went


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

bike riding

none of this for me.
i must try heal my knee.
but i will drink beer.

so i'm going to try to limit my riding
in an attempt to heal my knee.
i apologize in advance for whatever i post
in the interim.

did ya see grande juande changed it up?
i dig.

kaibab monstercross this weekend.
i'm sad to miss it but i expect
good field reports.

maybe i can compensate with the azt300
in the spring of 08.

Monday, June 11, 2007

camping is fun

early death marches with
my pops remain some of the
great memories of my childhood.
the munchkin was hardly roughing it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

i piss excellence

more like,
i dribble acceptably.
but enough about me.

yes, yet another thnr on the books.
first one with a tandem.

coors light + cross bike = trail riding

oh no!

fuggin looky loos

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bring out the gimp

ok so the knee isn't gimp bad yet but
i've been backing off the riding a bit
in an attempt at rehab.
frozen water in paper dixie cups
are the shizzle for inflammation.
waaay better than ice packs.
instead of riding i've been occupying time
doing things like remodeling.
ok. i guess it is fun.
i do love me some demolition.

dig the decor

hey look, random memory lane
my first "endurance ride" and where
i first met mr blackwell

got new housing and hardware.
seems the rear brake on the niner
is working again. got a little dicey at
the whiskey with no rear.
so out for a shakedown ride.
held up fine. even better than before.

kent did a nice ride that reminds me
of our urban overnighter.