Saturday, September 29, 2007

gear ho

About a year ago I saw a photo of a bike nicely outfitted with a seat bag, frame bag and handlebar bag.

All were custom made by Carousel Design Works, a one-man operation run by Jeff Boatman.
After the last AZT trip I realized I didn't really need the rear rack so I ordered a seat bag from Jeff.
It arrived today. Looks good, nice construction. I can't wait to try it out.

Watch the evolution.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Pia

Welcome little one.
Hope you like bikes.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A ducky ride

Seven miles for the munchkin - his longest ride yet.
When the kids wants to pedal he can propel us
both along at an impressive clip.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

hobby horse

It was nice to do the old routine ride -
ride from home to the preserves for
some good old fashioned 1a, 8a other
lesser know trails and back. Good thing too
(for the lesser known trails that is)
cuz it was busy
when I met ze hammah at ze parking lot.
My legs felt like lead on the ride over but the sky was nice.

Oh, haro Mary.

Great light and cloud cover.

This is what John thinks of those Kenda tires.

Cheese grater.

Can you spot John in the tree?

As his friend is was my job to rush over
and take pictures.

And make sure he was OK.

Good thing that tree was there or we'd of had
an avalanche of one. Hammah yard sale.

We were getting ready to wrap up the ride anyways
and John did want new brakes.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


After two cracked stems, yes two, time to update the cockpit (and
get a torque wrench).
I got the oversize shim for the Jones bar but I just wasn't feeling em.
Great for SS and touring but I'm kinda done with them for a bit.
Time to get back towards XCishness. So new oversize stem and a carbon bar.
Never had a carbon bar but I've been diggin the carbon seatpost so why not?
New brakes to round it out. I can't wait to ride tomorrow.


A plethora of riding surfaces is a good thing.
John brought his camera (I still haven't gotten a new one)
and raced to meet us

at the uber exclusive Yuri's Bistro.

We opted to hit the trails a bit.

What happened to the spine?

Back on the parkway for a bit before we
made our way over to the zipper for some
sweet single track swoopyness.


Then we headed over to Paradise Valley
for some nice road riding in the dark.
They're a little more used to cyclists
in PV and if you get hit by a car they're
likely to actually have insurance.
Hammah finished out in proper style.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


der hammah and i went for a ride on saturdy.
the tone was set early as we rolled down central ave
through south phoenix.
the 5-o was rolling in the opposite
direction and i thought i detected an aberrant
siren or pa system. as they got closer i realized they
were rockin nine inch nails (closer) outta their pa in south phoenix at 6am.
kick ass.
they waved. we waived.
we laughed.
stuff like that only helps my opinion of cops.

evan sucks

telegraph pass

what? you want to hike up it?

trail huh?

just an excuse to catch my breath

i was happy fer me flattened top tube

that sucked.
not really.

zip down the mtn and back home via central
and the sonoran bikeway
almost 60 on the day. excluding hike.