Monday, October 29, 2007

pv nuclear century

Palo Verde Nuclear Century this weekend.
Put on by GABA. Flat, smelly and fast.
Well, fast until we had to turn around and go into
the headwind for 50 miles and being that I don't like
to draft with folks I don't know I went it alone and paid the price.
Still had a good time and managed to finish in 6.5 hours fighting cramps towards the end.
Not the most scenic ride ever but certainly interesting.
Manure, road kill, fertilizer, rubber.

Out to the Estrellas early.

I've never seen a BF tandem

Welcome race fans

What is this plant?

Cotton. Do you know Arizona's 5 C's?

Someone scraped all the volcanic rock off this hill. Dumbarse.

Big green trucks were uber courteous. Very impressed.
This guy was moving very slow
to avoid a sketchy pass.
I wish I knew the company so I could
let them know and give them props.

Oh the smells...

Upside down is close to upside out.

Another lake?

And WTF is this?
I say "fail"

They don't call me Salty fer nuthin

I thought it was a bit warm but damn...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

back on the wagon

I took 3 weeks off work when munchkin #2 was born.
Week one was back was tough.
Today I finally managed to ride to work.
Up a little early to take munchkin #1 to daycare.
Back home grab bike and head to work.
It was pure bliss. Even a crime scene didn't dampen my spirits.

On the other side of the trees is the canal and I
normally use this dirt lot to cut back to 23rd Ave.
from where this photo was taken.
Not today....


Is asphalt really that much better to run on?

Time to git purty

I ran into Michael who runs this. Good to have a
cyclist on our side. Nice guy too. His bike.

Inspiring ain't it? Welcome to my 40 hours.

Oh sweet nectar

Enough of this, time to head home via the chiropractor.
Commuter bus on I-10

After I took his pic I think he figured out it was a one way
and he was going the wrong way.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

cherry poppin roofie droppin

Them T-town boys haven't really tasted what the McDowells have to offer.
Trashy and I did a little Leavee, Paradise, Natural, Lost Dog Wash, Quartz, Sunrise action and then back down. Tasty stuff.
I gave trashy a Hammer e-tab and told him it was a roffie after he took it.
Now Trashy can preach the gospel and he has only seen less than 1/3 of what there is.
Can I get an amen.

Thanks fer gettin me outta the house yo.