Friday, November 30, 2007

in the dark

this has to be the 3rd time i've taken a job
without knowing exactly what i will be doing.
i have some idea, but am usually wrong.
system, analytics, policy, something.
i kinda thrive in ambiguous situations.
or at least like to think i do.
we rode up national 2nite in the dark.
i don't think i've done that yet.
it was awesome. hit my grove and the rest was history.
i normally visualize and know what is coming up but for the 1st time
i found myslelf getting lost in the steps and the moves
wondering just where on national i was.
we rode to telegraph and back, saw 4 hikers and no bikers on the trial.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

under a blood red sky

apologies to u2.

it was an awesome sunset tonight.
against my better judgment,
i went out to ride (hike) some of the
southwestern sections of 1a that start on the far southern side
of the dreamy draw area, accessed after the tunnel before you get to
aunt chiladas.

at the top of 220 i heard two hikers off to my right
and a faint "hi" in the dark. i stopped and returned
the greeting. an older couple with no lights asked if i knew how
to get back to the piestewa peak parking lot.
i asked if they were ok, needed a light, etc.
they assured me they were ok and they appeared to have
enough water left. so i gave them directions and sent them on their way.
still worried me a bit.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


At the beginning of the flight of the pigs
everyone gets weighed with all their gear and bike.
the first three years i was between 220 and 230.
229 this year.
i think the biggest piggy was over 290.
gary,walker coach and i banded together for the the day.
oh wait, coach was on podium pace and dropped us
like a bad habit most of the time.
it was a good time as usual.
thanks to jim, hoss and all the volunteers.
and zoe's.

widow maker early on

gave away my quick links and extra chain at buena vista

walker gets all billy goat

maybe riding with one hand was not a good idea here


jeez gary

the back door to yoga

the roofies kick in

Hoss scores a beer

i can fly!!!

grassy knoll

mitch, unknown dude and doug enjoy the dust

around hunt's tomb

almost done at guadalupe

bbq at jim's

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


my recovered shoulder

my leaking reba

coach's new ride

my love for my cross bike

troy's coconino

and my need to punish myself

i give you
stiffy green

and a new tyre

Monday, November 19, 2007


The 1st PEE is in the books.
Results here.
13 starters I believe and 9 finishers.
One cracked frame.
Lots of flats.
A nice day for a ride.

Everyone pees before the start.

Dave also indicates this is the 1st PEE
with Jason, Dara, Chris, Craig and Troy in tow.

The last flight of the fetish.

Dusty Bottoms

My ear and Troy

I bailed after Sunset due to cramps and
needing to get the house open and beer accessible.
Ran into Coach and Hammah.

Dave, Brian and Scott

Chad and Craig


A blurry Dara

Chris throws down a barricade for Troy

Late night Boccie with Elvis and John
while we cooked the awesome ribs
Troy and Dara left us.

It was a good time with post grub and drinks.
An excellent group of folks with the right mentality.
Makes me want to do it again next year.
Thanks to all for coming and making it a great time.