Saturday, November 29, 2008

229 lbs

It was time for Jim's Flight of the Pigs ride - it's 13th year and my 5th turn.
It seemed like a smaller group this year with a tight formation. Pace was good and waiting was minimal. Each rider gets weighed in with bike and all gear. The heaviest rider gets the piggy snout.

The weather was ideal.

Let me demonstrate the iGrope toggle switch functionality.

Why so angry?

Obligatory lap around Hunt's Tomb.

Hoss does a nice job on the pins.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

solo saturday

I made it out for a late Saturday ride. Last decent ride before the Flight of the Piggies.
Oh allah help me....
This year is gonna hurt.

Smashing pumpkins in Scottsdale.

Near Taliesin West.

No Stans = flat and a timeout.

After the ride it was time to get back to the jokers.

Friday, November 21, 2008

no thru traffic

A nice ThNR in the Phoenix Preserves with a stop to check out the new trail head bike shop.

I've had it with tubeless for a bit and I had some new shoes to put on ze bike. I found this nice stans bogger in the rear tire.

The new trailhead bike shop.

We could smell the fresh paint on our way back from the trails.

The Triple IPA at Sonora was otherworldly.

PEE 2008 - redux

After a false start, the Phoenix Endurance Experience is back on.
This year will be a cross bike century with change. Canal paths, bike paths, trail - you get the idea.
This year is not a race but rather a group ride.
Details here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

park n ride

The weather outside is idyllic. I loaded up the munchkins on the tandem and in the Burley and off we went to the park.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

bike swap

I made it down to Tucson for the GABA Bike Swap this weekend. Gordy and I made our way down in time to join the Friday night ride out at TMP. A chunky session in the Tucson Mountain Park with 10 riders never went so well. We wrapped up the ride at 11pm and made our way to the late night Brooklyn Pizza window and Che's Lounge. Then back to Brooklyn.

After 4 whole hours of sleep it was time to head to the bike swap and rid myself of some old parts. It was a nice chance to see old friends, my bro and shoot the shit. Thanks for the fish, er socks.

A bachelor trip to Tucson requires a payment for return entry.

Sorry I missed Chad's post swap ride out at Brown Mtn and Bars on Bikes but such is life. Maybe next year. Cool shirts Chad.