Sunday, December 21, 2008

PEE 08

It was a small crew that turned out in the dark, 36 degree weather. It turned out to be a good crew. A nice pace, good company and excellent weather made for quick work. We were at Sonora before we knew what happened.



Early Gnome.


You might be on the rez if....

John has some nice photos.

Red Mtn.

This is not a line I can normally ride.

That's lunch.

Somewhere in Mesa.

US 60

Michelle needed chap stick and mentioned a place next to Starbux. We were pleased with the opportunity to get caffeinated.

Too many espresso shots = John having to tell Gnome how to put his hat on.

Michelle has to look away, Tommy can't.
Great folks to ride with btw.

Mill to Washington to the dirty canal to Sonora.

Thanks for the ride, 80+ miles never went so fast.

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marty said...

(..sniff..) feel like i missed a party...