Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Mtn Epic

It may not be an epic per se but you feel this one at the end.
Devo and I headed out to Mesa to ride Hawes, Twisted Sister, Wild Horse then we headed over to Usury Park to ride around Pass Mountain. Then up the microwave road and bomb down Hawes. It was about a 5 hour tour. Damn I love this ride.
The trail was tacky, the rocks a touch slippery and the East and South sides of Pass Mtn have been returned to their chunky and loose natur

Saturday, January 23, 2010

use other platform

Uncanny winter weather caused a cancellation of the ThNR.
Devo, Gordon (started with us) and I braved the elements for
an eve on the light rail.

No, really.

We were nonplussed by the weather and weird messages.

We hit George and Dragon.

Then back out.

A 5 block dash to Lost Leaf found us a little soaked.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

more non-trail 100

We originally thought about heading to SoMo but NoMo is so much closer and we can make a ride that approximates the climbing and some of the technical nature of SoMo.
No, really.
So Devo, Gordon and I headed out for an early morning ride.
We saw the Luna Chicks at the TH and discussed the logistics of luring them with my wasabi/sesame/chocolate.

We left Dreamy Draw and headed out for a Red Mtn in reverse.

We did some exploring. Blue dot trail looks like a great technical hiking trail.
We need to come back for a ThNR hike and bike and explore.

I wanted you to understand how long and steep this climb was, and make Gordon look bad.
Mission accomplished and the photo does no justice.
In his defense, Gordon didn't have a granny gear like Devo and me.

We eventually crossed back under the 51 and headed up 1a, down the cheese grater, cactus garden and over to sassy's ridge.
I wish we had the presence of mind to stop and take a few shots of the techy fun.
But we didn't.
Oh, well.