Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

lemmon drops

the intent was to chew off the whole bit but snow the day before relegated us to bug springs, prison camp and meligrosa. such a terrible situation to endure.

short bus tucson style (#aztrekking)

roadie sunday. saw plenty of the aztr folks too. my last attempt at that did no go so well.

bug springs price of admission

a classic cholla face

accountabilabuddy extrodinare, flodizzle rolls his ss


cholla was a stealth honey pot sessioning mofo

wherz waldoz?

gordy rolled it ss rigid. hurts me to think of it. 
i was tired on my rip9. getting old and soft over here.

der hammah

had a few zen moments following the lines of the guys i could sorta keep up with.

finished off at rosa's in proper style