Monday, December 06, 2010

tnf urban overnighter

gnome, gordy and i rode from my house out to the tonto national forest for a weekend urban overnighter.

good stuff as usual. thanks for the ride fellas.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

here piggy piggy

with too much on the plate to participate in the flight of the pigs this year (1st year missed in 5 or 6 I believe) gordy and i came up with plan b. ambush the piggies around mile 45 with a guerrilla beer stop.

pulling a cooler with 36 beers certainly put me over the weight limit for the burly but it took it all in stride. even a short jaunt on t100 and 220.

everyone seemed to enjoy the stop and devo took time to show us how we was down to the granny ring after losing the outer and middle.

later in the weekend the kids and i had a nice sunday

Thursday, November 04, 2010

one time i rode a bike

we had one heck of a hail storm in early october.

other than landscape stripped of all foliage the other primary casualty was the white subie.
with no rental coverage and a house full of bikes it seemed like a mandate to use them.
so here we went as a family of four in phoenix to try to get by with one car.

 yes, changes are afoot...

ok, so it was just me and the kids riding but i'm ok with that.

and last but not least, halloween....