Saturday, May 30, 2009

AZT Utah to Flagstaff - Day 3

Enough with the bikes it was time to hike the Grand Canyon.

We staged at the North Kaibab trail head very early in sub freezing temperatures that wouldn't even allow us to boil water for coffee with Melissa's stove at that temp and altitude.

Getting the mules ready.

The other mules getting ready.

Dropping off the rim was simply incredible.

Before we knew it we were 7 miles in (half way to Phantom ranch) at Cottonwood Camp.

Then suddenly we were at the Phantom Ranch Cantina enjoying a $4.50 Tecate.

Then you stumble out of the cantina into this view as you go look for a camp spot.

Bright Angel Creek.

Home sweet home.

We spent most of the day soaking in the creek with brief stops at the cantina.

Later that evening Melissa joined us (after driving our bikes to the South Rim and hiking down South Kaibab) and around 11 Randy joined us after riding his bike from Flagstaff.

One last night cap after listening to the Ranger's recap of Death in the Grand Canyon.

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MC said...

Truly an epic ride. Well done.

I love the fire story and laughed out loud as I was reading the write-up.

Chad B.