Monday, February 20, 2006

screw you harry

a little dusty but still the best 24OP i've done. me and c-walk went duo style. 5 laps each. we didn't really go with a game plan other than fun. fun was had. thanks todd. good stuff. characters and stories abound as is par for the course. i'm still reeling. or still drunk so here are pics.

nudity, beer and bikes

screw you harry

Monday, February 13, 2006

ss azt

and another ride this weekend. ss somo.
friday i rode with brad and nicloe from calgary. met them last year and they are such nice folks that i had to ride with them again. brad tore it up on his 5.5. nic ain't no slouch either. also the first ride on the ss incarnation of the 2-9. had to tighten the dropout once. then it was golden.
then saturday gordon and i headed south to ss the azt north of freeman road. it was perfect for ss.
good sstuff. i'm beat.

now on to the azt

a few of gordon's pics
damn i look good

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

first blood

always sucks.
that first shopping cart into your first new car.
the first scratch at the lifts on yer snowboard.
but really it's all part of it.
mtn bikes is supposed to get chipped and dirty
they like it like that.
so do i.

Oh and a review? This bike rocks for the 1st ride.
I felt alot more comfort in laying into the turns and the bike never slipped or kicked out once.
the 100 up front is great and i'm really able to get back on the bike very easily and it's comfortable. the jones bars don't work too well with rapid fire and i knew that when i bought em which means this bike wants to be ss. the out of the saddle position is perfect. we'll see how my first impressions change over time but i'm pretty damn happy.

lookit this ride

Monday, February 06, 2006


were it not for a defective shifter i'd likely be riding this puppy right now.
with any luck she'll be ready tomorrow night.

i'm guessing the explosif's jersy will be retired

we like color.

scott and lee are pursuing divergent avenues as usual

Saturday, February 04, 2006

yard ride

ride went as planned.
45 mile pub run.
reach 11 certainly has some potential
bike hide and seek
i do hate snottsdale tho
the pretenses are so thick
you can cut them with a lipo kinife.
oh well. they're keeping the economy afloat.
for now.
had 5 different beers at the yard house.
only 100+ to go.