Monday, August 24, 2009

biltmore weekend

We missed this one last year - every summer we have a parents weekend at the Biltmore AZ.

I enjoy staying in a different part of the resort. This time we ended up in one of the casitas that was originally used for kids and nannies.

We had a decent view of the peak.

Mmmmm - smores.

Last time it was Scrabble nerds, this time it was the Cooties. More on this later.

Shortly after getting our smores and heading back to the room the storm hit.

It was nice, but muggy, in the morning.

I tried to ride one of these before - it's harder than it looks but makes a good way to deliver food to rooms.

The cooties were a lively bunch.

ok, ok, I'll stop. Back to the pool.

Sunday morning we let the help drop off the kids.
They may or may not have eaten.

Apparently we're raising fish.

Monday, August 17, 2009

mogollon rim

Now with more Cabin Loop!

Gordon has practically summered on the rim
so we decided to take a weekend to explore some more of the Cabin Loop.

We left Friday at lunch.

Finally, no more car. Time for happy hour.

We loaded up and hit the trail to find a place to camp.

There were lots of these on the trails.

The route was tough. Don't let the photos fool you.
If you like or can tolerate hike a bike, there are some
absolutely incredible sections that are unlike anything else.
Tough riding loaded but it made all the sections that were awesome,
that much more awesome.

On to the cabins.

We cranked out almost 3 miles down Houston Brothers Trail before finding camp.

I tried the the hammock thing.

I love you MaryJane.

This is the bug that finally prompted me to get up on Saturday.

Ready to roll.

We continued South on Houston Brothers.

There is one steep hike a bike that would be just miserable in the rain.

We went East on Barbershop Trial.

Look carefully for Gordon.

Almost squished this fella.

Did I mention I took a metric shit ton of photos?

Wild strawberries.

Lots of burn leftovers.

The climbs out of Barbershop Canyon are no joke with the bike.

In absence of any other trail marker, these double cuts mark the trail.

A short stint on 95 to get back on Fred Haught Trail.

Fred Haught Trail to Gen. Springs Cabin was excellent and had minimal hike a bike.
It did have this one hill.

cabin loop!!!

The climb out of Gen Springs Cabin with 200 ozs. of water was fun.

Back to the car in the morning and time to point it South.
Home before noon. Nice.