Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The moms had to take a trip to Asheville and wanted to drive the Fini but wanted company for the long drive from Maryland. Being the good son I am and knowing that Pisgah National Forest was next door I was happy to oblige.

Killing time at Sky Harbor. A man has got to stay properly hydrated on vacation.

Screw pillow mints - this is how it's done.

Fini the rocket car waiting to go. I drove a thousand miles in this car
and I can't even describe how fun that was (especially since I didn't get any tickets).

Navigator not askeered when the pilot breaks 100mph.

Our very odd hotel.

After some walking around and a surprisingly excellent dinner at the hotel it was time for a night cap. Or two.

In the morning it was off to Pro Bikes in West Asheville (good folks) to see if they would let me try to fit a Yeti 575 in the Fini.
It works as long as you don't have a passenger.

I hooked up with local bikepacking aficionado, Shaun who offered to guide the ride.

We rode Laural Mtn, Pilot Rock and Slate Rock trails in 100% humidity. 15 miles and close to 3K feet of climbing was enough to punch my ticket.

Pilot rock had some nice technical bits that we took no photos of but I did clean the rock garden.

Creek crossing on slippery logs was the most treacherous part of the ride.

After post ride libations and recollections it was time to drop off a dirty bike and get ready for dinner at Reza.
Incredible food.

On Saturday it was off to find a little family history in the form of a park that my great-great-great-grandfather donated to the city.

Sadly it was mostly under construction and being renamed to the highest bidder.

Then it was time for a quick lunch (Reza again) before we raced back to Maryland.

One last good meal before it was time to get on a plane on Sunday.

It was a good trip and a nice break. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it Yuri. It was fun. I'm looking forward to asking for tips on the AZT some day.