Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a few august rides

My coworkers share their thoughts on my bike commuting.

munchkin ride

It was almost like Fall.

Perfect morning to get your Phoenix classic of mummy mtn, camelback and the biltmore.

View from the mummy.

Nice and quiet.


On the way home I visited the scene

where this happened. Surfing lawns for the cooling sprinklers on hot nights is not without it's perils but staking out a tree in your yard 5 feet from the tree with bailing wire is not a great idea either. At least the wire was still broken and my face isn't.

On the way home today I stopped by this place that is opening soon.
I'm stoked to see this and hope it succeeds and inspires more of these in the valley.

My throat has been rough since a cold last week so I used it as excuse to ride the light rail the rest of the way home. Gotta hedge my bets as Coach and I are headed to the Mogollion Rim this weekend for some bikepacking. Cabin Loop!

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