Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AZT Day 2

During the night the wind picked up. To 25 mph.
In the morning it was still windy. Still 25 mph. Maybe 30. We awoke slightly later than the previous morning and headed East into the Boulders segment.
All while getting flogged by the wind out of the NE.
We eventually made Freeman Rd. where the group decided to forgo any more brutality than necessary. We skipped the official AZT section to Tiger Mine Rd. and caught the wind as a tail wind for a few miles before turning East again on Willow Springs Rd. The group splintered and Blair and I caught some of the 24 OP course. It was smooth as concrete and a ripping good time. And then back into the cross/headwind. Then we hit the highway and turned directly into the wind for a soul crushing ride into Oracle. Did I mention the wind?
We had lunch at the local Italian joint and contemplated our next move. We were pretty beat. Peppersauce Campground was discussed but it was a few miles East and we didn't want to be cold in the shade of the Catalinas in the morning so we loaded up at the dollar store and the circle-k and made for the AZT in Oracle State Park were we spent the night and racoons gained a compression strap.

Another victim of the wind

Walking the wash to Ripsey Ranch

Almost zero track.

AZT Pork Barrel project no doubt.

Willlow Springs Rd and the Catalinas in the distance.

24 OP course


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the read & pics!

Chad said...

Skipped the Antelope Peak section!??!?!!?!?!? :) That would've been brutal.

Tomorrow, we head off on our own little excursion of no sleep, no beer, mandatory coffee and redbull stops, unbearable heat.... wait, why the hell am I racing this instead of touring like you guys?