Tuesday, June 02, 2009

AZT Utah to Flagstaff - Day 6

This was to be our last day on the AZT and we actually finished a day ahead of schedule.
It's a bitter sweet affair. On one hand I can't wait to see my family, have a shower and some proper food. On the other hand I feel like continuing on to the mexico border.

John's pics of this trip can be found here.

Last day drying dew and thawing ice.

Kedrick Park I believe.

Still plenty of riding and climbing to be had.

Just like that we were back in Flag eating huge salads and sipping ale at Beaver Street.

Time to head home.

Thanks for lookin.


chollaball said...

wow what a cool adventure! that's some serious fortitude to be able to take the rain and cold and still be ready for a 6k descent into the Canyon, then more mud again!

Anonymous said...

nice, enjoyed the pic and write up, gets one thinking about the N end of the AZ trail big time.....

devin said...

you guys are my heroes,,, love see the exploits of your two wheel shenanigans..