Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whip It & Other Hits

Devo joined John and I for a proper ride around the mc dowells. A 26ish mile sufferfest in a little over 4 hours makes for a good start to the weekend.

We started at the newish Gateway trail head where we found bathrooms nicer that most restaurants I've been to.

Ground and polished concrete floors.

Poured concrete sinks.

We made our way South then East to climb up Sunrise.

Time for a quick downhill.

At the bottom we chatted with a runner who runs and asked to take our photo. I think we're at the end.

Up into Hidden Hills with the roadies to our next connector.

We lost John who went down Bell Pass and we slogged on so we could bomb down Windmill TR.

John found something interesting we were talking about earlier in the morning.

Top of Windgate.

We watched this lady back into and knock over the light, her hubby got out and looked and then they both just drove off. It was entertaining.

I do love that loop - a proper beatdown and being able to do it in June is unreal.

1 comment:

devin said...

is it not to hot down there?

Looks like a good loop,,,have not that one.