Monday, June 22, 2009

boys weekend

Father's Day weekend was good timing for the boys to take the youngest on a long overdue trip to see his first dances at Hopi and meet our adoptive family. These trips were a mainstay of my childhood as a side-kick to my dad's business and social trips. It was a nice trip down memory lane.

We went to Shongopovi and saw a Navajo Dance and then caught up with family at 1st mesa and saw another dance. Tate got to sit front and center with his cousins and came back with pueblo bread and other treats from the katsinas.

You'll just have to use your imagination. Getting to even see some of the dances is a privilege and there are no cameras allowed.

One of the oldest continually inhabited places in North America.




This photo gives me total dejavu.


...with a view.

A boys trip isn't complete without a night of camping.

Gary's pics from Colorado are finally up.
Tour Divide is on.


john said...

Way cool...

Godon said...

that is pretty cool