Wednesday, April 16, 2008

AZT Day 3

Our slowest morning departure - it was after 8 by the time we headed up the North side of
the Catalinas. We were blissfully unaware that we had 29 miles of climbing in front of us. I only know that it was 29 miles after the fact - I'm glad I didn't know before.
We made Peppersauce in what felt like short time and easy effort. Then the climbing began in earnest and the group splintered. I fell off the back and came around the corner to see Ryan had found us and was gonna join for the day. Then the climbing really began. Everyone tried to find their happy place and think of Summerheaven and not of the looming climb. It was beautiful scenery watching the desert give away to pines and shade. I finally made the top and had a burger at the cafe. I think Blair already had two and painted a bit.
More deliberations of what to do next. Ryan's truck was at Palisaides and he offered a run to Tucson for supplies.
Dave, Scott and I tucked for the bomber run down the mountain to our Prison Camp camp, maxed out at 42mph. On our way down Scott and I were just behind Dave at about 35mph when his sleeping bag got loose and jammed his rear tire. Sketchy stuff but Dave kept it upright and disaster was averted.
At Prison Camp we waited out a church group for a camp spot. We think we could have converted the group to bikes with Dave's tale of almost being smoted.


chollaball said...

on the edge of my seat waiting for Day 4 -- more intense than waiting for the release of "Return of the Kind"!!!

john said...

How the hell did I manage to be last up that damned hill?