Thursday, April 17, 2008

AZT Day 4

Molino to Meligrosa to Le Buzz.
The moon was exceptionally bright the night before.
I only remember because I was so happy when it moved far enough and I was in the shade
of an oak. The next thing I remember is Mountain Blue Jays waking me up. The ride started off proper with a nice cleaning of the stairs to the trail. We streaked down Molino with wide grins. It was nice to be on some trail. Even the climb up the other side didn't dissuade the mood. We saw a hiker and some Canyon Ranch patrons as we turned off the AZT to go down Meligrosa - still one of my favorite trails. Even with a rigid fork and loaded for touring. We bumped and ground our way down to the bottom losing Scott and Dave at the very end. I figured Scott was with Dave and he knew where Le Buzz wuzz. Blair, John and I made our way down towards grub and caffeine. Dave rolled in a short time later, sans Scott and it didn't really register that Scott was still out and more importantly, didn't know where we were. Blair started working the phone but before his work bore fruit, Scott rolled in on sheer clairvoyance.
Maybe he could smell us. With only one more day budgeted away from work and the warm temps. in Tucson we decided to pull the plug a little early and rent a van back to Phoenix.
So ends another AZT trip and talk has already begun for the next one. I can hardly wait.

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