Sunday, April 26, 2009


Pieced together a nice new exit from the Eastern side of the Phx Preserves. 304 to 302 to 200 to chutes to vapor to red paved to view to the top of Granada Park. The pics don't show the tough stuff but some techy goodness in there.


red paved


granada park

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rio Salado

We've been riding Rio Salado for some time now but a recent article spurred us out again for a little ride. This is one of the umpteenmillion little path projects that links to other projects and makes insane cyclocross loops possible in the valley. One day Rio Salado will connect to Tres Rios which will connect to the Agua Fria which will connect to the Black Canyon Trail which will go to mayer, Az which is close to Prescott which......

Well, on with the photos.

A touch of the hood and the old commute to get there.

It officially runs from 19th ave to 24th St.
This is the Western Terminus looking East - 19th Ave.

See the cyclist?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

more monstercross!

Gordy and I made our way to Prescott with 11 others for the Prescott monstercross. Quite honestly the best ride I've been on in quite some time. 56 miles and 7000 ft of climbing. single speed. I hurt so good.
Just a great loop all around Prescott with all kinds of potential.


Chad, ummmm...

There was plenty of water and we did filter a bit at one point.

I always have problems not eating enough so I brought along the bento box and the mountain feedbag.

We have to make our way to the snow in the distance for the final downhill to the cars.

It doesn't seem that much closer.

White Spar Campground gives you a chance to wash the salt into your eyes.

There were some ridiculous grades on Spruce mtn Rd.
This isn't one of them.

The last downhill starts about here and this is also about where my photos end.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've wanted to do Jim's Squealer for many years but I'm usually in full AZT prep mode and a time trial along National trail with a raw egg was a roll of the dice I didn't need.
With a late may AZT date this year the Squealer seemed like a good opportunity to get some riding in and hang with friends.

Friday night we all met to get our start time and instructions. A new start location and finish was disclosed.
Libations were had, recollections were made and then we retreated to make preparations.

This is as close as I would get.

The starts are staggered by one minute and Jim stacks the front of the field with newbies and slower folks. That's where I should have been but I got to start at the back with the uber fast guys so I enjoyed a ride mostly with myself. Clearly Jim hates me.

I gotta go up what to get to the start?

Yup, they're up there.

Oh yea, so the weather was a little nutty. Rain all night and most of the ride made for slippery conditions. As I rode up to the start my back wheel spun on a climb and I went down taking a handlebar in the neck. So that was an auspicious start...

In Jim we trust. Wait, why is he going before me?
Oh yes, he hates me.

I hung out and watched Dave change to tubes. Flats were to be his undoing on the day.
I knew something was wrong when he didn't pass me. Again.

At some point during the ride you must find the bunnies who will direct you to your egg. It was a bit of a hike to get there and the application of scotch was used to thank those who froze their tails off.

The final push up the hike.

I wasn't fast and I wasn't last and I had a good time. Another good day on the bike.

After spinning 32x21 (did I mention I did SS?) all the way back to the car at Pima Cyn my peeps joined us at the post ride bar.

Deejay cleans the pubes from his trophy.