Sunday, April 19, 2009

more monstercross!

Gordy and I made our way to Prescott with 11 others for the Prescott monstercross. Quite honestly the best ride I've been on in quite some time. 56 miles and 7000 ft of climbing. single speed. I hurt so good.
Just a great loop all around Prescott with all kinds of potential.


Chad, ummmm...

There was plenty of water and we did filter a bit at one point.

I always have problems not eating enough so I brought along the bento box and the mountain feedbag.

We have to make our way to the snow in the distance for the final downhill to the cars.

It doesn't seem that much closer.

White Spar Campground gives you a chance to wash the salt into your eyes.

There were some ridiculous grades on Spruce mtn Rd.
This isn't one of them.

The last downhill starts about here and this is also about where my photos end.

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