Saturday, May 30, 2009

AZT Utah to Flagstaff - Day 2

In the morning it took us some time to get things dry enough to cram them into stuff sacks.

I found happiness in chemicals. Instant coffee never tasted so good.

Before too long we were off to enjoy some beautiful trail to the North Rim.

The section from FR205 to Crane Lake was closed due to a fire in 2006 so we were relegated to riding the road.

You can see how excited John is to ride the road.

As far as road rides go, this one was certainly scenic.

It got dark and the whole rain ordeal began again.

After huddling in the woods we found our shuttle driver extraordinaire, Melissa who had also procured a back country permit for 5 by being at the back country office uber early in the morning. Score.

Our peaceful evening was interrupted by our neighbors who thought it good to use a 25 gallon gas can to splash some life into their fire. The hubby came running to our camp yelling for us to call the Forest Service and that the forest was going to burn down. We (too) however had no cell service. John rushed down while I grabbed my Spot in case it was really bad. I came around the corner to see John and the hubby using a tree to push the can out of the fire. Rather than help and risk singing what little beard I'm able to grow, I opted to take pictures.

John managed to get the fire under control and our neighbors sheepishly thanked him. Thus ended our second night on the AZT.

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