Wednesday, May 06, 2009

spring trip day 3ish

Day 3 had us heading to Grand Junction to ride the Ribbon and Holy Cross.

The slog up the road was a workout on the SS.

I like this trail already.

Not 100 feet down the trail I found the prick holding his bike and quietly crying and rocking.

With a newly built SS it was time to ride.

And then suddenly we were on a big slab of wet rock with sheer cliffs fog doing 30.
That was a little spooky.

Given the condition of the sky and the prick's bike we opted to bail on holy cross and wrap up the ride. It was a good thing too because once the sky opened up the last 50 ft of trail just went to clay and clogged up everything. I had to carry my bike because the wheels wouldn't turn.

Back at camp it looked like a bit more rain.

Better put the sides on the ez-up.


And then it was morning and time to drive for almost 9 hours.

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chollaball said...

the Ribbon in fog would be scary - speed and unsure exit lines - yikes! too bad you missed HolyCross after climbing so much.