Saturday, May 16, 2009


John and I headed out for a ThNBike-n-Hike. Camelback was our mission. Start from Echo Canyon TH and hike to Cholla TH and then back again. A little less than 6 miles and 4K ft of climbing. We started hiking at 5 in the dead heat. Ice water in the hydration bladders still required a slow pace until we made it to the shade of the Eastern descent. We poached some water from a spigot at the Cholla TH and made our way back up and over the madness that is Camelback. Busy, technical, trampled and beautiful all at the same time. I went through 200 ozs of water in that 3 hours. It's hot.

Quick stop.

Parking at a premium we weren't the only ones who rode.

A closer look at this old Schwinn.

Stalking the elusive Urban Cougar.

This is the top of Cholla Trail. Seriously.

Chuckwalla. I had to put my hand on the rock to pass and he didn't even budge.

We leave for our AZT ride next Friday and will be heading out from the Utah border to Flagstaff. This includes a two day hike in the Grand Canyon.
Here is a share page where you can follow along if you so desire and there may be a post over here to follow as well. If we succeed this will complete the last segment of the trail for me. Technically when we hit the South Rim I'll be done but it's more fun to ride all the way to Flagstaff. Gnome and Randy plan to join John and I in the GC for the hike out and the ride to Flag. I'm looking forward to it more than you can imagine.

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