Monday, May 04, 2009

spring trip day 1(ish)

Day 1ish found me making a long drive to the Western side of Colorado to join the fellers for the Spring riding trip.

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monument valley

It's really a shame I didn't have the DSLR and more time for these photos.

18 road camping was busy and we managed to secure the last spot in an attempt to mitigate the noise incursion on our cohorts.
But enough of that.
Them other fellers drove through the night and thought it best to just stay up and ride. We were happy to oblige.
So we started with some food and then a ride on just about everything 18 rd had to offer.

The whole 18 road area was awesome and a great unwind from a 9 hour drive but it lacks in the technical arena. Not a complaint.


Eventually there were naps required.

And then boccie ball.

Time for an evening ride.


Gordon said...

nice. spinny on the singlespeed?

Wendler said...

Looks like fun! I love the picture of the fence.

reverend dick said...

Yes. The picture of the fence is very nicely composed! said...

i'm really not jealous - seriously, it's fine - go f urselfs