Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've wanted to do Jim's Squealer for many years but I'm usually in full AZT prep mode and a time trial along National trail with a raw egg was a roll of the dice I didn't need.
With a late may AZT date this year the Squealer seemed like a good opportunity to get some riding in and hang with friends.

Friday night we all met to get our start time and instructions. A new start location and finish was disclosed.
Libations were had, recollections were made and then we retreated to make preparations.

This is as close as I would get.

The starts are staggered by one minute and Jim stacks the front of the field with newbies and slower folks. That's where I should have been but I got to start at the back with the uber fast guys so I enjoyed a ride mostly with myself. Clearly Jim hates me.

I gotta go up what to get to the start?

Yup, they're up there.

Oh yea, so the weather was a little nutty. Rain all night and most of the ride made for slippery conditions. As I rode up to the start my back wheel spun on a climb and I went down taking a handlebar in the neck. So that was an auspicious start...

In Jim we trust. Wait, why is he going before me?
Oh yes, he hates me.

I hung out and watched Dave change to tubes. Flats were to be his undoing on the day.
I knew something was wrong when he didn't pass me. Again.

At some point during the ride you must find the bunnies who will direct you to your egg. It was a bit of a hike to get there and the application of scotch was used to thank those who froze their tails off.

The final push up the hike.

I wasn't fast and I wasn't last and I had a good time. Another good day on the bike.

After spinning 32x21 (did I mention I did SS?) all the way back to the car at Pima Cyn my peeps joined us at the post ride bar.

Deejay cleans the pubes from his trophy.

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Looks like a Good Time.