Monday, August 24, 2009

biltmore weekend

We missed this one last year - every summer we have a parents weekend at the Biltmore AZ.

I enjoy staying in a different part of the resort. This time we ended up in one of the casitas that was originally used for kids and nannies.

We had a decent view of the peak.

Mmmmm - smores.

Last time it was Scrabble nerds, this time it was the Cooties. More on this later.

Shortly after getting our smores and heading back to the room the storm hit.

It was nice, but muggy, in the morning.

I tried to ride one of these before - it's harder than it looks but makes a good way to deliver food to rooms.

The cooties were a lively bunch.

ok, ok, I'll stop. Back to the pool.

Sunday morning we let the help drop off the kids.
They may or may not have eaten.

Apparently we're raising fish.

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