Tuesday, February 07, 2006

first blood

always sucks.
that first shopping cart into your first new car.
the first scratch at the lifts on yer snowboard.
but really it's all part of it.
mtn bikes is supposed to get chipped and dirty
they like it like that.
so do i.

Oh and a review? This bike rocks for the 1st ride.
I felt alot more comfort in laying into the turns and the bike never slipped or kicked out once.
the 100 up front is great and i'm really able to get back on the bike very easily and it's comfortable. the jones bars don't work too well with rapid fire and i knew that when i bought em which means this bike wants to be ss. the out of the saddle position is perfect. we'll see how my first impressions change over time but i'm pretty damn happy.

lookit this ride

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