Friday, April 14, 2006

peace out

it's about fucking time.
i can't wait for Sat morn.
i stumbled across this quote today (from and Iditarod racer) and it really hit home cuz it makes total sense - to me anyway.
In other words “I get it now” but it took a lot. Being out there alone in extreme conditions makes me take life, myself and my place in the world seriously. It quiets all the noise and lets me think, focus and relax. My mind wanders and thinks big thoughts out there. The kind of thoughts that could either be a gift or a burden if you thought them everyday….
After the pass I had done all my deep thinking for the year and I was now able to get back to focusing on making fart jokes.
let the return to fart jokes begin
see ya'll in a week or so

1 comment:

Tim Wise said...

Have a nice trip! We had those same foam letter pieces. heheee