Sunday, October 29, 2006


first the good news...
first real dirt ride.
ok it was on pemberton and some off-shoots.
but it was a mtn bike ride. my 1st after surgery 2.5 months ago.

and now for the bad news...
the above picture is the last one of me
riding my 29er.
i even remembered the bike was on top
but i got too concerned with how close i was to the wall
and well...
i have heard they break at the downtube.
lucky for me i gots other bikes.
but still.....crap.


john said...

Ouch! That definitely sucks, Yuri. Sorry to see that happen. Too bad I missed that ride but I was hurtin' a bit. Damn those parties and free Kiltlifter.

iconoclasst said...

Welcome back, but damn, that sucks about the toonyner. Just saw the aftermath of a similar incident a couple weeks ago in an underground parking lot in Arlington...dude seemed more embarassed than pissed.