Sunday, December 17, 2006

sears-kay ruin ride

went out for a solo ride this morn
i left in the dark and hit reach 11 as the sun came up.
headwind all the way to tonto national forest
and fate being what it is, headwind all the way back home.
when the dust settled i found myself out at sears-kay ruins.
900 year old hohokam village of some 40 rooms and retaining walls on
a hilltop overlooking a tributary of the verde river.

hmmm. what is that?

must give chase

i have to admit. i phucking hate cave creek rd from
deer valley to cave creek.
bike lane my ass.
cars, trucks trucks with trailers suck ass.
gets better right about here.

yes kemosabe

early taggers


the new, yet to be opened reach 11 park at deer valley road
and cave creek road.

something funny about this pigeon

almost home


critter said...

cool ride man.. wish Icould have joined you. I always wish that though...

devin said...

I like tomson peak parkway out to pima than all the way up nice wide open bike lanes but you know it better down there than I do.. looks nice and warm...