Sunday, February 25, 2007

around the mcdowells

a nice loop around the mcdowell mts
with the tree hugger
we botched a dirt road connector and rode paved but
other than that it was bliss and i'm worked.
phenomenal day to be outside on the bike.
now i sit here with a sierra nevada watching
the tour of cali.

fork rebuild last night
yaaay enduro forkseals
(they also make great silicone grips)

green out. spring is here?

a touch of snow to the north


devin said...

So you can go around the mountains on dirt?. is it jeep road or single track// I have ridden some of the stuff around the mcdowell ranch area and the stuff in fountain hills but never all the way around.. Sweet

Yuri said...

all single track except for a dirt road section on the ftn hills side. we botched that part this time but i know how it works for next time. holla at a brotha if yer out here before it gets too hot and we'd be happy to show ya.