Sunday, April 01, 2007

in training

coach has us on a tough regimen
and we wanted to check a route
back home at the end of the azt
that cuts out much car traffic.
63 miles on the day.
took much of my azt gear
i'll be adding a few lbs of food.
we did make ramen to test the stoves again.
they work awesome. even better with the
wind shield.

we met at granada park and made our way thru the preserves

tour de phoenix was on

we found out that it is legal
for one to ride a bike along the
arizona canal thru the salt river rez.
which opens up possibilities

the dump smelled like
manure and chew.

headwinds both ways
that was fun


the penny stove is awesome

3 flats on the day.

mmm, cask ale


Sean said...

The dump was the toughest part of the TdC, sounds like it was about the same for you. T-minus how much longer now?

Yuri said...

two loooong weeks