Monday, August 27, 2007

dang, that's a sweet omen

Four of us opted for an uber early Saturday somo ride.
It's been too long since we've been over at somo and
early before the crowds is the time to be there.
Bad omen one:
En route we were privy to biker chick yard sale on i-10
folks were stopped and she was moving but it weren't purty.
Bad omen two:
A bike fell of the rack at the lot and dented ze rally truck
Bad omen three:
Moving repeatedly to lower cover
to escape electrical storm on mormon
coupled with biblical escape of flying ants.
Bad omen four:
Hammah's free hub decides to quit just before buena vista
giving him the rare opportunity to coaster bike down national.
Omen of what?
After the ride i washed my bike and noticed two cracks on
the face plate of the stem.
almost connected.
So i celebrate the continued existence of my face and teeth.

The ride was still sweet. Somo like most
trails in Phoenix drain quickly
and are built to last. It was tacky sticky
icky on the way down National.
Except for the wet rocks. Sketchy.

Pics pilfered from Coach.

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Sean said...

Damn man, sounds epic. Roll safe and keep that rubber down.