Sunday, January 20, 2008

donkey loves goat

alternate title: why do you keep bringing up prison sex?

sadcow and gdonk made the trek up from Tucson to taste the goat.

wherz waldo?

it was a little chilly in the shade


donkey gets creative

donkey loves rocks

and climbing

hosiecow repin the 29er.
only one 26" wheel on this ride.

just remember that i own the photo that incited this

so hand over the sswc08 entry and no one gets hurt.

another great goat camp ride followed by kobie burgers at sonora.


Mike said...

Sorry I missed it, was this an out and back affair or did you do the dh?

YuriB said...

DH. Everyone should do it that way their 1st time.

Mike said...

Agreed, the GC downhill is an experience not to be missed. I'd like to do the out and back sometime though.