Monday, December 29, 2008

light rail

The new light rail debuted this weekend in the valley. 20 miles of track from Phoenix to Mesa.
I live a few blocks from the Northern most station, my office in Phoenix is a few blocks off line and when my office moves to Mesa next year I'll be just two miles from the Eastern terminus of the line. I realize there are lots of nay-sayers but this whole thing couldn't be better tailored to my needs. Plus kids love trains so it's a big win over here.
Saturday was the first day and we figured on not riding with long lines and two small kids. It was a wise move. 4 hour wait at 10. So we wandered around and had a look.

We went back on Sunday to ride the rail. It was still a two hour wait so we took one of the shuttle buses to downtown Phoenix and caught a ride back.

Each car can hold two bikes and if those are full you can stand with your bike.

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