Monday, February 02, 2009

sub urban overnighter

One of my favorite things is being able to load up the bike ride from my house with everything I need for an overnighter (urban overnighter). I can ride as little or as much as I want. This weekend Gordo and I had our sights set on the Tonto National Forest.
I left my house in the late morning and meandered my way to Gordy's house.

A stop at el labritorio.

With weather in the 70s it was an ideal weekend to play outside.

We had some ideas to avoid Cave Creek Rd and right about this moment I said, "I wish we could ride this all the way out." Someone was listening. We found and linked trail and double track all the way to Carefree Hwy. We had two, yes two traffic lights from Gordy's to Tonto NF.

Rock on.

We really need to head back out to some of this and explore.

I doubt that.

There were a couple miles of road.

We stopped in Cave Creek to grab a few libations and were pleasantly surprised when we found a trail that paralleled Spur Cross Rd.

This here is horse territory and we saw lots but nary a negative encounter.

One must ride through the maricopa County Park to get to the Tonto NF.

The trail got rougher and the shadows were getting long. Time to look for camp.

Trail 4 goes all the way to 7 Springs but judging by what I saw and some reports I've read, its one heck of a 8 mile slog.

Home sweet home.

Big Agnes and the Tyvek ground sheet are most welcome additions to the set-up.

The fridge.

Filtering water.

A white gas/ everclear confusion creates entertainent and heat.

The penny stove does it's thing (with Everclear).

A little frost in the morning.

Elephant mtn


The key is to keep your feet dry.

On the road again.

Almost home.



ScottM said...

Ride from home.
Explore new country.
Unexpected singletrack.


Excellent reportage / picage.

john said...


Gnome said...

fucking super fucking rad.

reverend dick said...

Seeing the transition, all om bikes, from streets to progressively remoter trail is kickass.

Well played.

Big said...

You rode within a mile of my house on that one. I have got to make it out one of these days...

Self-appointed expert on the subject said...

Looked sick, nice weather. Great reporting...

m e l i g r o s a said...

great post. I enjoy the pictures :)

reverend dick said...

Also- gear reviews por favor! How did the Big Agnes measure up? What is your tent set-up?

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering.
I told Matt about the upcoming trip- count me in.