Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The IRA stater kit makes for a great holiday gift for kids.
C4 sold separately.

We went down to Tucson for a few days. The Westin La Paloma makes a nice base camp. They are bike friendly and are right on some road routes, close to the Rillito River Park and pretty close to some mtb trails too. It's like the kid friendlier version of the Westward Look. Too bad the water slide was out of order...

This was one of the coldest rides I've been on in some time.
I should have started later.

There were non bike interludes.

Trashy and I did a nice ride out at 50 years trail.

crested saguaro

We rode in at upper gate and worked out way around to pop out of lower gate.
The flow coming down sections of lower gate was sublime and the RIP 9 was just awesome to ride.
I need a week to just hang out in Tucson and ride everyday.

Other non bike stuff included watching a beat down.

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