Sunday, March 14, 2010

of late

finally got the Siren John Henry working.
i think. needs a shake down ride.
cliff note version: eno q-factor on this bike = 73x122 sq taper bb
real report in the near future.
it sure is purty.

final touches on the replacement volpe.
should be ready for the maiden voyage in the morning.

no. there is no new camera yet.
these were taken with the does not go on rides dslr.

flowers in the yard.

here is a nice video that mike got of our last ride where i lost my camera.
i like it without the music and like the he didn't get me huffing and puffing up the hills.

if you haven't tuned into mike's journey, you should.

1 comment:

Gordon said...

that is hot. the siren that is. the bianchi needs a fork makeover...