Sunday, April 11, 2010

BCT epic

Epic may be a tad overkill but not judging by the way I feel.
The heat may have something to do with that.
30 miles from Bumblebee to Table Mesa Rd on the Black Canyon Trail.
Gary, Devo, Gdonk, Walker, Spiker and myowndamnself.
The day started off with a climb out of Bumblebee and led to some of the most flowy single track I have been on in AZ.

The rhythm was a thing of beauty, a zen moment if you'll indulge me.

River crossing #1.

Don't forget your socks on the other bank
or people might make fun of you.
Oh and don't drop stuff in the water.

A river crossing mean a nice climb to get back up.

I ate shit not long after this shot I think.
Bruised and scraped and kinda sore.
Found a damn thistle thorn in my shoulder in the shower
well after the ride.

There were tire issues that required down time.

More down time and river crossing #2.

Get them fish!

River crossing #3. Notice the no stop this time.
It was pretty shallow but I think we were just starting to
feel the heat and we didn't want to dally.
The climb out from this crossing was sublime.

We were all a little roasted by the time we hit the last river crossing
so we took the time to swim and filter some more water.

Awesome ride.

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