Monday, August 23, 2010

high country brevet

John and I headed up to Show Low for a brevet this weekend.
200k (almost 130 miles) between 6k and 9k feet with close to 6k of climbing.
No small feat for us lowlanders.
Other than waking up at 3:30 instead of 4:30 am due to an
alarm in the room that was off by an hour, things started out beautifully.

We made our way out the 60 and angled for Springerville.

We stopped at the Safeway in Springerville for some vittles and drugs.

Then it was a climb up into the pines to Greer.

As we made our way to Sunrise the weather started to look ominous.

The road into Sunrise was apparently undergoing renovation.

We thought about doing some shuttle runs but opted not to.

Instead we opted for a healthy lunch.

I liked the dirt better when it was wet.

Then we began the descent to Hon Dah Casino for the 2nd to last control.

Not long after this the sky opened up on us making for one of the harrier descents I've had in some time. Nothing like 35 in the rain with no shoulder and trucks giving no room. It was a little chilly too since we rolled the dice and didn't bring any rain gear.
We mad it to the gas station and had some hot cappuchinos for the final push into Show Low.

It really turned into a deluge for the last stretch.

We wrapped up in 11 hours and stuffed our wet selves into the car.
It was a great ride with incredible scenery.


chollaball said...

cool ride, sounds like fun. we were viewing the storm front from 40 miles away for several hrs at Petrified Forest, and wound up driving through it for like an hour. would suck big time having to roadie through it. i sorta recall passing a car with a couple skinny bikes on the back on the way home...

pdkehoe said...

Thanks for the pictures Yuri. Good to ride with you and John.

Patrick Kehoe