Tuesday, October 12, 2010

coco shuttle

Gordy and I had a few days to ride bikes and with only a semblance of a plan.
Park a car in Sedona and start riding in Flagstaff and eventually get car in Sedona.

I hate cows.

Still hating cows.

Breakfast of champions

My cleats were badly worn so we stopped at Bike and Bean.

We intercepted Mattew Lee on the Coconino 250.

And that's it. Getting cold so time for bikepacking in the desert soon....


reverend dick said...

The jumping ghost dog confused me, but the beers cooling in the creek made it all OK.

Man. Y'all are doing it RIGHT.

john said...

Hell yes!

MikeR said...

Most excellent.

ScottM said...

Muy bien, Yuri. Next year I think it'll start on Friday again. Blame Chad.

Glad you got some Coco this year, some Don Miguel and bumped into DC ML.

See you at PEE I hope.

Jessie B said...

Interesting stuff. Keep us these nice posts!