Monday, May 02, 2011

whats the name of this race?

Whiskey Off Road!!!!!
(credit: dirtybiker)

The family joined me in Preskett for the Whiskey Off Road. 25 miler single speed version for me this year.

We stayed at the Hotel Vendome which was just south of all the action and had an awesome breakfast. Parked the car upon arrival and didn't have to touch it again until our departure. Beautiful.

We got out just in time to see the 50 miler folks getting sum.

I was honestly a little apprehensive about my number plate. 

I rallied with different Cirrus folks through the day. I'm the one with the nice butt.

I hit it too hard and paid with cramping quads most of the race. I was slowly moving up the last climb and there was dirtybiker with a bottle of whiskey which he offered and i hit on the fly. the folks from sunday cycles followed up with a chaser of beer. i have to credit those folks with helping me reel in at least a dozen people on the descent to town. 

While I went out too hard and payed the price, the family had fun.

Eventually I made it back with a load of lactic acid.

We rolled it up and rolled out only to miss lots of festivities. Next year we'll go for the whole weekend.

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